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In the Meantime, Meet Groucho Marx.

Groucho wants to help you validate your next business or product idea   

Hi! I'm Groucho Marx

It began 40 years ago...

Little Groucho (a human being of 8 years old) began to develop an appreciation... No - a fascination, with the jobs of the men who came to collect his family's garbage each week. As the months and then years passed, Groucho began to understand what he had to dedicate himself to.

His purpose became apparant to him. The one thing that would provide him meaning...

The collection of household waste.

Groucho was a garbage collector at heart.


But then one fateful day...

... not long after his 48th birthday, Groucho was messing around on the job. He wasn't one to pay attention to anything techy, but had heard Zuckerberg's talk on the Metaverse. He thought it was a silly idea and this put him in a bit of a silly mood.

So he had begun to line up his empty six-pack of VB stubbies along the top of the back of his garbage truck. As he was standing up there, placing a stubby on the rim, a gust of wind caught him. And he lost his footing and fell straight into the compactor on the garbage truck, which subsequently crushed and killed him.


And then Groucho's eyes began to open... Everything was so bright! As he began to open his eyes more completely a large billboard came into focus. It said:


Have a business or product idea? Tell it to Groucho in plain English and he will help you Validate the idea, so that you can minimise risk when it comes to releasing it into the wild.

Hi! I'm Groucho Marx

"Shit..." thought Groucho... He had awoken in the metaverse. And had been given a job. "Well you know what - when you're given a job you give it your best" thought Groucho as he began to gee himself up.

So Groucho set out to Learn. And Absorb everything about business and entrepreneurship that he could. He lived as a kind of "ghost in the shell" within the minds of famous CEOs as they built their empires. And he practiced in the simulations. Until he had refined his trade... His art.

And now he is ready to help you bring your next idea to life.

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Use of and access to the CIRCL.AI Platform is by application for an invite for now. We assess all applications and will gradually on-board a select group of customers.